Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own printing rights to my photos?
Yes! You reserve the right to print and distribute for personal use as you see fit, and as long as you do not resell them. Animorphic Studios will retain the copyright on all photos and may use them for advertising, competition, or marketing.
How long does it take to get my wedding photos?
Depending on the package, wedding photography usually takes 1-3 months to complete.
The DVD you gave me won't play on my DVD player. What is the problem?
Not all DVD players can play DVD-R discs. Older players existed before this technology was available and if your DVD player was not programmed to read a DVD-R disc, it will not be able to play it. All newer DVD players are able to read DVD-R discs and if yours does not, it may be time to upgrade. We thoroughly test each DVD before it is distributed to ensure that it is not defective, but we are not responsible for the age of your player.
The Blu-Ray disc you gave me won't play in my DVD player. What is the problem?
While Blu-Ray players can play Blu-Ray discs and DVDs, DVD players cannot play Blu-Ray discs. If you request Blu-Ray and wish to view your video, you must have a Blu-Ray player. The video copies you receive may be a mixture of both DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, and additional copies may be ordered.
Will you disrupt my event as the photographer?
Absolutely not. We pride ourselves as being a “fly on the wall,” and will not interrupt your event in any way.
Do you have a backup camera?
We always have multiple cameras running for your event. It's not truly a backup if it is not being used.
Why can't my uncle Bob film or photograph my event? He has a great new camera!
He can. But remember, we have over $20,000 worth of equipment available for you, including multiple cameras, microphones, and the expertise to make your project amazing. With our help, you can be proud to show off your DVDs and photos to anyone.
Are we allowed to proof our projects before they are finished?
Of course. Most projects can be viewed over the internet. However, we reserve the right to charge extra for excessive revisions.
Do you accept credit cards?
We do not currently accept credit cards, but we do accept cash or check.
Are you a full time photographer?
Lisa is a photographer and graphic designer full time, though she does not work full time for Animorphic Studios. She is a corporate photographer during the day and also takes portraits and photographs events on evenings and weekends. Mike also works full time but photographs on evenings and weekends with Lisa.
Where are you located?
We work out of our home in Beavercreek, Ohio. Most of our photography is done on-location, whether at the client's house or somewhere else like a park. We do have consultations available by appointment in our home.
Do you have a MetroPark photography permit?
Yes we do! We are permitted to photograph at any of the MetroParks.